Watercolor on Yupo



I love what and how this woman paints. I wanted to see if I could embed this video. I am trying to blog from Blogsy now if I can do it.



Flying Through a Rainbow

This is the photograph I took while flying. I was experimenting with taking  photographs while I was flying to California. It was kind of driving my seat mate crazy but I was having a lot of fun. I think I got some good photographs too.

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Mono Prints


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I love doing these mono prints. I was getting some ready for a show and I started photographing them. I had so much fun doing even that. Now I’m going to do some more art with the photo prints too.

I have been wanting to do mixed media with my photography for quite sometime and this is the perfect thing to do it with. I am going to print these on water color paper and then do more art on top of that. I have several ideas already percolating about it. The mono prints are rather small and now I can print that larger and then paint more on top of that. I photographed several prints on top of each other so that you could see through them. The tissue is thin so you can see different layers. I just get so excited when I’m doing something like that.


Rainny Night at Buzzards Roost


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Buzzard Roost

                                Buzzard Roost with Full Moon

I was taking photos in the street of the sunset, almost getting hit by cars, when I finally told myself I had better stop. When I turned around I saw this.

I have always loved the name of this place and with the lights on and the full moon, the puddles and the evening light, I knew I had found my picture. I made a huge print of this and hung it in a yearly show.

One of My Drawings “The Garden”




“The Garden” in graphite

This is a graphite drawing I framed. The image is 17″x21″. I love drawing and sometimes even though it is so detailed the finale result still comes out very abstract. This image is seen so differently by everyone. Some people see animals, some see people and some see plants. I love that. All I see is what I drew and it is very interesting to hear what other people see in this image when they stand back.


Summer is Great and Life is Good


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Oil Study for values

My first plein air oil study. It was harder than I thought it would be. This day was hot and many, many bugs. But I learned so much. I didn’t really care about much but getting those values right and a few of the colors. I wanted white to look like white and still have it right.

La Bella Vita, Life is Great